Wednesday, July 1, 2015

chicago, day one

I've sworn off BnB's no telling how many times. For some reason, I ended up at one in Chicago for one night.  The pros and cons of BnB's:
1) They are "cozy."

2) They are "quirky."

3) They feel "homey." 

4) Or homely.

5) You get to see a real "neighborhood," not an interstate highway exit.

6) You can walk in off the street and you don't have to get on an elevator.

7) You do, however, have to walk up a steep, skinny, creaky, darkened staircase with undersized treads and threadbare carpet.

8) Sometimes someone will carry your suitcase up the staircase; most times you risk a minor disc herniation and do it yourself.

9) Sometimes parking's a bitch.

10) You're always in an oddly shaped room and wonder: What was this space originally used for?

11) Won't even mention the bathroom size/layout. (See #10)

12) But at least (tonight) it's not "at the end of the hall."

13) You're also trapped in someone else's house, with:
a) A pronounced DIY aesthetic.

b) Old, beaten-up furniture; uncomfortable chairs.

c) A bed with a window for a headboard.

d) Questionable art and collections/collectibles (but, they're not nailed to the wall or floor).

e) The owner's lovable pets, who are "just like family."

f) TV located so that the only way to see it is to sit in the middle of a twin bed and lean against the window.

(i.e.: there is no way to comfortably watch TV)

g) No coffeemaker in room; there's a communal kitchen and you can make your own there.

h) A thermostat controls the temp not just for your room, but for everybody's.

i) A main room where you and your fellow "quirky" BnB-ers can hang out and get to know each other! 

j) They make you breakfast.

k) The breakfast sucks.

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