Thursday, March 16, 2017

gregg allman residency, jan. 2016

Pamella and I went to the Gregg Allman residency in Macon, Jan. 12 - 13, and 15 - 16.

P was at every show except Friday.

We airbnb'd it.  A gay couple own the second floor, windowless apt we stayed in.  In a historic building on Cherry and Third.

They also own an accessories storefront at street level.

The weather was perfect for January: sunny, short-sleeve warm, perfect walking-around days.

The played Statesboro, Rider, Whipping Post and Melissa every night.  Dreams (albeit an 18 minute version) was played Saturday night only.  We had front row seats for three nights, balcony the other.

I went to Rose Hill on Sunday after P had left.  Visited the grave site.  Within sight of railroad tracks and the Ocmulgee River.  They would have wanted to be buried there.   Queen   Multi colored

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